Mighty Demon – A Short Story in English

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Isn’t it possible that whatever we consider as our achievements, might be someone else’s sacrifice? Read more short stories online Here!

It was around 1796. Somewhere in Europe, there existed realm of Variola clan.They were known to be great fighters. They had developed an ability to resist and stand any adverse condition. They were up to establish their rule all over the world. There had been a tradition for young ones to turn into brave soldiers and be a part of the glorious force.

Today is the time for a grand gathering again where new generation is going to follow the legacy of their forefathers, been followed for centuries. The commander is giving the last minute instructions about how to attack and enter the target.

Among all these “Variola Demons”- as popularly known, there is this youngest soldier named Mighty. He belongs to a family having a marvelous history. His great grandfather is remembered to attack the “Pharaoh of Ramses V” of Egypt. His family is considered to be a conqueror’s family. Mighty has a dream to achieve a greater name by being a part of something big that can change the world. So that, the world would remember him forever.

The army is excited in vigor befitting the warriors. They board the boats as to travel by water ways. The boats are rowed towards the opening of the colony, they reside. Mighty is busy in making imaginary plans about how to attack the opponents or how he would take control of the situation. There are innumerable thoughts flooding his mind.

Now is the time. They have reached to the entrance, waiting for the direct contact with the enemy. Mighty takes a look of outer environment. He has been out of his colony for the first time. Everything here is so strange rather unbelievable. They are surrounded by enormous structures and deafening noise. He is facing such large open space for the first time in his life.

Suddenly, Commander’s voice echoes, breaking his chain of thoughts.

Commander: “Boys, We have got a golden opportunity today. The thing we must keep in mind is to attack maximum targets and to show this community called Human that how powerful we Variola Viruses are!!!”…….

………. “They call us “Variola Demons”, let us show them that it doesn’t matter how tiny we are in front of them, we are the next rulers of 18th century in this world.”

Mighty feels a gush of courage in his veins. He is determined to do or die today.

“Attack…….!” screams the commander

After few efforts, Mighty also have succeeded to enter the target. Now, they are floating into a strange fluid called blood, contained by the human they have attacked. Mighty remembers that they are ordered to stay disguised in this fluid waiting for a favorable condition. So, from now onwards, they have to use food available all around and to wait for their turn to attack another one. The elders who have come to guide these young soldiers are busy in building a protective colony. Mighty decides to take a look around.

Wandering around the human body with his fellow soldiers, he has understood one thing that human is totally a harmless target and he is now thinking if it is worth attacking or not! In a while, they reach the place called eye.

“Oh! What a wonderful view it is!” Mighty is amazed to see the outer world through a human eye. He and his fellows observe silently.

Mighty is surprised to see humans around. He becomes conscious if the humans also have noticed them. But no, it doesn’t seem so. In lieu, he finds that they are sad and a woman (type of human, according to Mighty) is moaning.

Woman: “Oh God, Mercy please! Forgive us for our sins. Don’t curse this child to be punished by Variola demons…..”

Mighty notices that there are several other humans too. They are talking about how last year the Variola demons killed the innocent children, men and women. Most of them are abusing Variola viruses. A man is saying that someone has called Mr. Jenner, who is trying to get an answer for this curse to stop these unwanted suffering and death for many years. And probably he is coming here today. Mighty’s fellow soldiers get little scared.

Mighty thinks that Mr. Jenner must be the greatest warrior among all these humans.

“Here comes Mr. Edward Jenner!” Someone announces

Now, Mighty listens carefully as this person might be fatal for his community.

Edward: “I am sorry for the kid to be caught into this. We must have to find something that can control it. I am very close to find a solution to curb this with the help of viruses soon. I need to have few viruses to make an inoculation. For that, I am going to take some blood from the child’s arm with this needle. I hope it to work this time and if it does; it will change the world.”

Mighty gets impressed and thinks; “This Edward has as strong determination as I have for changing the world and it seems that he is about to do something really big!”

He thinks whose world this Edward would be talking about, is that his or mine? And what if he is talking about our world, his as well as mine! If it is so, why shouldn’t I be the first to initiate for bringing a change to it? There is a shine in his eyes.

Mighty has understood that it is the moment he was waiting for since childhood. He will be remembered till the end of the world, if he does, what he thinks. He has decided something and now is rushing towards the section called arms of the human, leaving other viruses behind. He doesn’t want to let go this chance.

Other warriors can’t understand why is Mighty running or where is he going? Mighty collecting all his strength hastens towards the arm.

And here comes the needle, Mighty sticks to it firmly floating into blood. He is taken out of the human body. The other viruses stand shocked and stunned by the courage Mighty has demonstrated. They are looking at Mighty who is now closed in a glass container. He has expressions of a conqueror.

Mighty is waving to his fellows from the glass vessel. He has a sheen of pride on his face and his eyes are sparkling with contentment for being a part of something that is going to work as to make the world a better place.

After this, Variola community decided to stop attacking humans to honor Mighty’s sacrifice. Slowly, in few decades, the tradition of causing smallpox stopped forever. It is year 2018, when still in some distant corner of our world there are younger ones of Variola clan being sung the story of Mighty’s great courage, bravery and nobility.

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