Quiz – Win ₹2200 off on Amazon 3rd Gen Fire TV stick

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Quiz – Win ₹2200 off on Amazon 3rd Gen Fire TV stick

સમાજનાં સમજુ અને ડાહ્યા લોકોનાં અનુભવોમાંથી ઉતારી આવેલ એટલે કહેવતો. લોકોક્તિઓમાં કહેવતો એક સન્માનનીય સ્થાન ધરાવે છે. તો, આવો ને Weekly Quiz ના માધ્યમથી આપણે પૂર્વજોની સોનેરી શિક્ષા જાણીએ અને માણીએ.

Knowledge, advice or understanding is useful only if it reaches others. Collecting only does not prove to be very beneficial. Do you agree with this? So, ready to put your knowledge of proverbs or idioms to work with some knowledge and fun?? આ વખતની Quiz આપને માટે લાવી છે, 3RD GEN FIRE TV STICK પર Rs. 2200 ની છૂટ! તો, રાહ કોની જુઓ છો? જલ્દીથી જવાબ સબમિટ કરો ને…

Win coupon for Amazon 3rd Gen Fire TV stick.


Quiz answers are available here, Join the club!

Did you enjoy participating in the quiz? We are particularly satisfied with two things here. One is to take a step forward so that the legacy of our folk art can continue and the language survives and the other is to revive the childhood and in return get a chance to win some prize. ‘Winning a prize’ is thrilling at any age right?? So let’s share this quiz with other members of the house, children and friends and make them also part of this joy…

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