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Idioms and Proverbs play an important role in making literature more interesting. Our Weekly Quizzes also gives dear readers a chance to gain some knowledge along with entertainment; Not only that, every week one lucky reader can win an exciting prize!

Engage yourself in the following quiz and win Rs. 700 off on LEAF Wireless Headphones. And don’t forget to bring along your friends and family to participate in our Weekly Quizzes. Have you told them or not? If not yet.. go n get them play this week’s quiz here and enhance your chances to win.

Win coupon for Leaf wireless bluetooth headphones.


Quiz answers are available here, Join the club!

Finished the quiz? Did you know all the answers? Wow… bravo! Now, just a day’s wait and you’ll get to know who has been the winner of this weekend quiz. Till then keep your fingers crossed! You never know, you also can be the lucky one.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz, kindly reply me in comments about how much you are liking this segment at Swati’s Journal.

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