03. Breaking the ice!

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03. Breaking the ice!


Let’s read the third episode – Breaking the ice! ( Past episodes are here!)

The week has ended and here comes the third letter. This time, Amogh is less surprised but still he is. Opening the letter, he thinks about the person who is sending the letter but couldn’t recall.

“Hi there,

How are you? Hope everything is fine with you. Me too is doing well.

I think this is my third letter and yet we don’t know each other well. Let me start with myself. You already know my name and about my family from the first letter but the advantage of having a pen friend is that you can say (here, write) anything you want to share without having fear of being judged. So, I will share the things about myself which I haven’t before with anyone. You are also welcome in the same way.

First of all I want to thank you for being there so that I can bring few things up which I haven’t said to anyone. Not even to my family. You would think why I am sharing such a thing with a stranger. But, believe me you are not a stranger to me. I feel a real connection with you. (You too might in future!)

So, coming back to my point, it is really difficult to be so open with anyone. I say so just because I have experienced that the most difficult task in the world is to convince yourself. It is even more difficult when you have to convince yourself to believe something to be right when people around you have already proven that to be wrong.
Confused? Let me make it simple, I have to try so hard to start this communication with you. It is because I took so much of time to convince myself to do this as everyone around believe this to be not so great idea. They say what if you don’t like to be my friend or what if you will not reply. They think, that can hurt me and is not good for my heart! But, again I think WHAT IF, you would-one day!!

After the day my man had to leave us, I have to struggle so much to accept the situation. And not to try to meliorate the situation takes a lot of efforts. But, my children are so supportive and courageous to deal with it. I know they have suffered more than we did. But, I am proud of them.

Medhansh, my son is a great person, and Rajvi, the daughter-in-law, is equally adorable as a person. And our life is full of love due to the kids, Maurya and Swadha. All of them together have provided me a chance to remodel my life by standing by me firmly after all the mishaps we faced together.

My grandkids are teenagers now. So, one day they have given me the idea to have a pen friend to share whatever I actually want to. I think this is the best thing happened to me in the last more than a year’s time. They have found me your address and the further you know.

Okay. This is it for the week.

Catch you the next week. (Maurya taught me this. As he says; it’s COOL!)

Your friend,


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