06. Sailing through!

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Yes, sometimes we can’t see the things coming until they approach.The extent of damage can’t be estimated until it strikes. Follows, “07:Timepiece doesn’t show rough times!”

Read along sixth episode of the series – The 12th letter.

Today Swadha is home little earlier. She comes to Shubhra. Shubhra is reading something.

Swadha: “Hello grandma, how is everything?”

Shubhra: “Oh, you are quite early today. I am doing well.”

Swadha: “Are you practicing your computer lessons?”

Shubhra: “yes of course. I really enjoy doing it especially painting and another thing I love to do is writing in Word. And now I also have a pen friend so, I am really excited and enjoying it thoroughly.”

Swadha: “Have you got any reply from your friend?”

Shubhra; “No dear, haven’t yet. He seems to be very busy or may be not interested. But that does not make a difference. I am going to write him every week.”

Swadha: “Okay young lady. Do as you wish but tell me if he replies.”

She leaves in a while. Shubhra after taking a nap turns on the computer to finish her next letter.

Rajvi just has left keeping Shubhra’s cup of tea on the table.
Shubhra starts.

“Hi there,

Another week has passed and here is my letter for you.

Last week I had told about how I met Gautam so, let me continue with it. As you already know that we decided to get married after my graduation. But, that was not such an easy thing to do without his being employed. Gautam was also determined to be settled first before we get married. So, he started a small business. He started manufacturing and selling dried spices and herbs on a small scale. And as it is said that diligence is the mother of good fortune, his efforts started repaying well.

This had unwrinkled our way to get tied in a knot. We got married and started our journey together. The life was like a dream. Medhansh was the name of destiny’s generosity. Years flew in the flicker of a moment. Both of us had been too busy in bringing up Medhansh that we even could not notice the time changing! Sometimes we can’t see the things coming until they approach.

Okay my friend, I would take a break here.

Hope you are still there.

Your friend,


She puts the envelope on the table for Maurya to send it. Some memories have surfaced so, Shubhra is feeling low. To avoid any situation she leaves the room and goes to kitchen to help Rajvi in preparing for dinner.

Check these bites to read along.

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