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This beautiful short story, written in soliloquy style can drive you out of your apathetic routine in the difficult times, we all are going through. We wish that these hard times be used as life lessons and we must use this period to build and shape a stronger and wiser self!

Read one more short story in english by writer, Nidhi Mahewshwari.

Do you ever ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?”
Sometimes the thought just comes out of nowhere,
Ever wondered why?

Sometimes you just get so frustrated that you think of running away,
Deep down you know you aren’t satisfied,

But you keep going because you have no other choices,
Or that’s what you tell yourself.

And then one day when all the frustration overwhelms,
You feel like exploding,

Yes, it happens to all of us.

Here is a short story in english that goes something like this….

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“The day just goes by and I don’t have a moment for myself,

Who should I blame this on?

My work schedule or my own habits?

I am in a state of mind where I know what I am doing for a living is not what I wanted to do,

Big plans I had for the course of my life are now just mere dreams,

More like fantasies.

But what else can I do, I have to earn somehow, there are many bills to pay. I just wonder if someday I will be able to work for my dreams,
Setting big goals is easy, but it’s so much hard work.

My 9 to 5 job does not make it easy either.

Being inside my office all day I don’t even have the time to think about anything else,
Will my life be going like this until the end? Or will there be a change?”

Lying on bed in the middle of night, I was having these thoughts as I couldn’t sleep,
I know that the next is going to be the same but I keep dreaming that something would change.

Wrapped in my thoughts I fell asleep, escaping from reality into the world of dreams.

Little did I know the next morning was bringing drastic change in my life.

I woke up thinking it’s just another day, same old same old.

Getting ready for work I realized I didn’t wake up to my alarm, and so I checked the time,
It was way past the time to reach office and so I ran downstairs to check on my family,
As no one came to woke me up on time, which is very unusual,
Everyone was in the house and I asked about the situation,
They told me that everything has been shut down since last night,

Because there was a virus spreading around the world.

I got worried and checked my phone, I had a few emails which said ‘work from home’.

As I opened them there were way too many documents to check and complete,
I got started as soon as I could, at first, I thought it would be easier but it wasn’t,
Spending the whole day in front of my laptop has become my routine,

It went on for a few days and then the time came when I was on the edge of quitting everything,
But then again it was too late to start over,
Being stuck inside my home I was losing motivation and I knew there was no magic going to happen,
Which would somehow get me out of my misery and get motivated and make my dreams come true.

And that’s when I did something, though I had a lot of work I spared a few minutes of my day on what I loved doing the most.
Over the time it became a habit and I started regaining control over myself,
Then I tried to turn my hobby into my passion.

Now I know it’s not going to be an easy journey or something that I can master in a few minutes,
But I do believe that it’s a good start for a different future.

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Conclusion –

It is hard living in constant fear and feeling stuck, but let’s keep reminding ourselves that we’re doing a great job, and that you are saving a life.

Sometimes things don’t work out as we expect them to, but remember that’s not the end.

A few minutes of your time can accumulate into hours, so let’s do something for ourselves.

You know how they say ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’ then maybe it’s time to choose yourself over everything else.

And if you ever feel low again, get a glass of water, drink it, do what you love, appreciate yourself and get back to work.

The End.

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