07. Timepiece doesn’t show rough times!

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07. Timepiece doesn’t show rough times!


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Amogh gets two letters together one day. He is less surprised this time. He is getting used to this thing slowly. This is seventh week when he has sixth and seventh letters in his hand. After reading sixth letter, he is now on seventh…

“Hi there,

How are you friend? Have you waited for my letter the last week?

I had written the sixth letter the previous week and was about to send it too but on that very day, Maurya met with an accident while returning from the school. So, everything got messed up. Nothing serious has happened. A few scars and scratches only. He is fine now.

See, I was trying to say the same about us in my sixth letter. As we could not predict about Maurya’s accident, Gautam could not sense the damage being done to our business by a person very close to us. Gautam had made a friend partner in our business to make it work more efficiently. This friend slowly turned the things in his favor giving Gautam a huge loss that was almost impossible to recover in time. Everything started vanishing slowly to pay debts and loans which we had for expansion. This had broken us but Gautam was a man of strong will so, giving up was not his way. He took one more start. This time he started with pickles. We began with small quantities of homemade pickles. I also gave him a hand in his new venture as I was quite confident about him that he could never let us down. As it is said that a cure for bad times is patience. It took three years’ patient hard work to get ourselves rooted in this new business and he had done it one more time and I was proud of my man!

Medhansh had been mature enough to understand the situation in these years. He had been a college boy and small helping hand for Gautam by now.
Okay, it has been late night. I need to rest.

I will see you the next week of course through the letter.

Your friend,


Amogh after reading both the letters feels good. He is feeling connected to this couple’s struggle and family life. He actually enjoys these letters now. He thinks to reply but words are not his very good friends. So, he called the attendant with a pen and paper. He makes the attendant write a few words to Shubhra.

Found a story about taking are by Deana Landers for more reading.

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