02. What if?

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Shubhra has baffled Amogh I guess. What if she wants to convey it for long time? Amogh should ask her directly. Hope he does in,“03:Breaking the ice!

Episode 2 – What if? Begin to read it from start, if you missed it.

A week has passed. Amogh has forgotten about the letter he received the last week. But the letter is still inside his table drawer. Attendant enters his room with a smile on his face. He gives an envelope to Amogh that has got another letter from Shubhra. Amogh opens the letter with amazement.

“Hi there,

Hope you are doing well. You must have forgotten about my letter as it is possible that you may have not taken it seriously. But, let me tell you my friend that I am Shubhra and I am little particular about completing the things I once start. So, as I have decided to write you every week; this is another letter to you.

You might think why I am writing to you. It is because I am also giving myself a try. You know, in life, sometimes we get stuck due to the mindset we have developed in years. We don’t even reach to the other aspect of any situation. So, for me I am taking a new route that can help me to see another angle of a few things which I can’t afford to let go easily.

I know I may sound mysterious to you and you might not be getting what I actually want to convey. Still, this gives me a lot of satisfaction as I am taking a chance over what if; you would have understood what I am trying to say!
Take care of yourself. See you the next week.

Your friend,


Amogh has read the letter twice. He could not understand everything but this time, he thinks Shubhra to be an interesting person. He brings out the first letter and reads both the letters together.

After a while he folds both the letters carefully and put those back into the drawer. He rings the bell for attendant who enters with some soup for Amogh.

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