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Appreciation is one of the best things we humans can endow each other with. Being appreciated is one of the most important emotional needs we humans have. To care enough and to be there for someone with a few nice words is all it takes to change someone’s life… we can do this much, can’t we?

A beautiful short story by our Guest writer. It will simply convince you to love yourself more.

Have you ever felt that you are not needed?

That someone you really care about doesn’t feel the same towards you,

And in between all those feelings you start losing yourself.

Ever felt that you have no purpose?

We all feel like that at one point in our lives.

That overwhelming pain of not being able to find the answers to the questions we create in our head… Doubting our own existence… Sometimes it’s for a little while but then sometimes it feels never ending!

Do you ask yourself, how to overcome this feeling?

Well then,

Let’s find out together…

“When I was a kid I used to look up to the sky and think of infinite,

Infinite possibilities for a life that I dream of,

A life that I desire, the one that I’ve created in my head.

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Something like a fairy tale, I was a kid after all, fairy tales are what I thought of, yes!

Everything was quite easy and I was happy too.

But the world is cruel and so was I to myself,

I never once felt appreciated in my life.

My parents would always tell me that I could do better,

When I wanted to hear ‘you did well’ or just a simple ‘very good’!

I often get compared to what my siblings can do better than me,

I think that it’s the story of almost every household.

And it was also the beginning,

The beginning of me getting lost in the whirlpool of conscience.

I was starting to carry myself as others wanted me to, see myself as others see me,

The illusion of making it necessary to fit in and the fear of being left out,

These were my concerns at an age when I should be laughing with all of my heart.

Ahh yes, I should also watch how I laugh, not too loud or it will look bad.

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Little did I know, all of this was just going to get harder as I grow up,

It was made normal to be judged by appearances

and the number of friends you have.

Social skills or social life they call it.

And well, it is pretty obvious to fall for those stereotypes because everyone is doing it.

With faces glowing like sun we all walk around every day, as the race called life begins!

In my heart I found it very difficult but never admitted,

‘What if it was wrong to do so?’ I thought.

‘It hurts but that’s how it is.’ I used to tell myself,

I was vulnerable.

My parents who claim to protect me don’t even know in which hell I am.

And they are probably just thinking that I am safe by just staying inside my house.

Well that’s actually the place where I have to prove myself the most!!

All those years, all I wanted to do was to get some recognition, an approval!

From whom? I don’t know, anyone would do perhaps, as I live like everyone is watching me.

But in the end, I realized the only approval I needed was from myself.

It took me many years though, silly me.

Today I put up a wide smile just to look in the mirror and acknowledge myself,

To say that I am beautiful and love myself a little more.

Even though I wouldn’t mind if someone else does that for me, I also know that it wouldn’t matter much if no one does.

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Conclusion –

It is true that loving yourself is important, but it is also fine to want to be praised, it boosts your energy.

If you think that no one ever appreciated you, don’t forget to appreciate yourself.

And also, appreciate other people too, even for tiniest reasons, it’ll make their day.

If you think that telling someone they can do better will improve them, then you’re not fully right, it might also break their confidence and your bond with them.

Wanting approval and appreciation is not wrong if it pushes you to be better, but it’s not healthy if it just makes you think low of yourself.
So, that’s the dose of self-love for the day and don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror!

The End.

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